But It's On Sale!

Read below to find out how to get the best price:


Find the Latest Coupon Code:

  • The latest CafePress coupon codes can be found at the top of their Marketplace home page [HERE]


We offer 25% Less:

  • Our regular prices here at the Boutique are typically approximately 25% less than those at CafePress's Marketplace.
  • Unfortunately, this rate cannot be combined with any of the CafePress flash sales or coupon codes.


CafePress Coupons:

  • Coupons found on cafepress.com typically only apply to gifts found on their Marketplace.
  • Read the "details" portion of the coupon carefully for other restrictions and time limits.
  • During the holiday season CafePress (CP) often runs flash sales, free shipping options, etc., that make finding out what the best deal is worth the effort.


Which is the better deal?

  • It's always best to DO THE MATH, and here's how....
  • Find your favorite item [HERE] at the Boutique, navigate through the item to the point you are ready to add it to your shopping cart.
  • Find the product code. Copy (or write down) the second half of the code (see highlighted graphic below); i.e. 1401847089
  • Go to [cafepress.com] to find the latest "deal"
  • Search for your item using the portion of the product code you found above
  • Your search should result in the item as it appears in CP's Marketplace; note the price will be different. However, any CP mark-downs will appear and you will now be eligible to use their Coupons.
  • Now it's time to do the math! This will allow you to decide if buying from the Boutique OR using the CP coupon code or flash sale is the best option.


Enjoy! and Happy Shopping!


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